Before After
455 watts 141 watts
1.139 watts / square foot 0.353 watts / square foot
39 foot-candles average 102 foot-candles average
$636/year per fixture $198/year per fixture

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Who we are

ESCO, Inc. is one of the oldest lighting retrofit companies in the United States. Over the years we have upgraded lighting systems in hundreds of industrial, healthcare, commercial and municipal facilities to yield substantial energy savings while improving the quality and quantity of light.

What we do

Our mission is to design and install the most cost effective and energy-efficient lighting systems while exceeding customer expectations. We are designers, not merely lamp counters that prescribe a one for one standard and unimaginative retrofit or replacement. For example, we achieved a 90% reduction in wattage by converting T12 H.O. fluorescent signs in a parking garage to custom manufactured amber L.E.D. modules.

Our studies include the creation of prints showing the location of all fixtures; an invaluable tool to confirm fixture quantities, included versus excluded areas and is also crucial for a flawless installation. The spreadsheets provide detailed information regarding wattages, savings, material, labor & disposal costs, utility incentives, paybacks and much more.

Please contact us to further discuss your needs for auditing, design, analysis, installation, project management, RFQ bid specifications or turn-key services.